Do this from the official Notepad++ site to avoid potentially downloading malicious software. For similar reasons it’s always best to get the latest version, as old versions may contain security flaws. Once downloaded, simply run the installer and follow the onscreen instructions. Notepad Plus supports Java in terms of syntax checking. This means that, as you write Java code, the app highlights the code, making it easier to understand, and also to see potential errors.

The minimalist 7z packages are currently the best choice, if you just want to update your existing notepad++ core files. I thought the update could contain these files named as for example config-initial.xml and shortcuts-initial.xml, so, if the user copy the update files, the two files remain unchanged. Notepad++ could use these -initial files to create the config.xml and shortcuts.xml, if they don’t exist .

Fixed the template syntax issue when there is an empty row

Plenty of companies including every one I’ve worked for maintain their own forks of open-source software, often while waiting for maintainers to apply patches. Free software also means that you can pay developers to take the software in a different direction if you can’t do so yourself. I actually like Plasma a lot as well out of the Linux desktop environments, it feels like the only one that actually cares about design and UX. It’s a shame that GNOME is the ‘default’ Linux DE and often the only one with real support from distros. Downloading a lot of files off Teams usually fails and gives a load of html files. Now where it all goes pear-shaped, is not the technical side of it all, it’s the UX and marketing teams that got involved.

It allows for seeing your code structure using automatic indent and line numbering. It gives users total control over their texts as the editor lets users create, edit, and format any type of text. This code editor is built on four core pillars which are ergonomics, mnemonics, and consistency. Unlike others on this list, Vim is focused on code editing instead of code writing. Other notable features include full-screen editing, unlimited undo and redo, as well as search and replace options. Bluefish also comes with a code folding feature where users can set whether the root tag is foldable or not.

C programming is a bit esoteric for an 8yo isn’t it? When I taught my kids, I noticed they could follow the examples for the C code just fine, and they could repurpose it in blocks to suit their needs. As the most obvious example, the VI editor is still relevant today, 40 years after its introduction. It’s practically guaranteed to exist by default on any unix/linix derived system in existance , so it absolutely qualifies as one of the most universal editors in existance.

How to Open Windows 11 Notepad

You receive excellent basic tools for working with a wide variety of languages and highlighting syntax. It offers one of the cleanest, most modern interfaces out of all text editors. You’re able to edit extremely large files with UltraEdit. Many times, you’ll find that a less powerful or free text editor will crash when you try to customize these large files.


I tend to reach for vs code more, because it’s free, open source, on all major platforms and has a very rich extension ecosystem and works with almost everything I need. The integrated terminal is hands down my favorite feature. Pycharm is a python integrated development environment used in computer programming, specifically for the Python language. IDE-s come with different features that enable developers to organize their work and execute common tasks. While both IDE-s and text editors can be used to write code, there is a clear distinction between IDE-s and text editors.

After all, it’s one of the faster scripting languages, and per second, PHP applications can handle more HTTP requests. Various highly recommended PHP IDEs offer real-time smart code completion and error validation. These tools have intelligent debuggers and syntax checkers for conveniently developing PHP scripts. These plugins can be installed through the built-in Plugin Manager in Notepad++, and they can be easily turned on or off as needed. By using plugins, users can customize Notepad++ to better meet their specific needs and make their coding or scripting work more efficient.

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